Having trained with Mikey for the past year, I can highly recommend him if you are thinking about investing in a trainer. A knowledgable PT, Mikey creates workouts that have a good balance between isolated and compound muscle work as well as hiit, always pushing you to increase the load and reps no matter how much you might want to give up! We worked on areas I’ve previously overlooked (my back) and I’ve discovered muscles I never knew existed as a result. To top it off, Mikey always has a smile on his face, great chat and positive vibes which really does make an early workout session all the more enjoyable! Can’t recommend Mikey enough 😊

Jen Kemal - 2017

I’ve had various gym memberships but would still never consider myself a gym person. Like most people, working out in a gym where it appears everyone knows what they’re doing is pretty daunting which is why I decided to enlist the help of a PT.


Mikey took the time to understand what I was trying to achieve and patiently coached me through the usually terrifying experience. I’ve been training with Mikey for the best part of a year and it’s only just dawned on me how much of his knowledge I’ve picked up along that way. 


He’s taught me how to structure my workouts so I gain the most from them, worked to rectify an imbalance from my oversized and overweight handbag and has more importantly helped me to understand the impact and significant of what I eat (and how much I drink).


 I haven't felt more confident both in and out of the gym and for that I have to thank Mikey. I’ve kicked and screamed but Mikey has been been kind yet assertive and it’s paid off. I’m super proud of what we’ve accomplished and more motivated than ever to keep pushing myself further.

Kia McSween - 2017

I began training with Mikey one month ago and it has been a fantastic experience. I hadn't set foot the gym in well over 5 years and Mikey was sure to put me at ease. I could tell from the first meeting that he was the PT for me. We spoke about what I wanted to accomplish and my short and long term goals. He quickly designed and  tailored a program to fit my needs. He is extremely knowledgeable and really knows how to target areas to provide maximum results. He always explains the "whys" behind what we are doing and takes the time to explain everything in detail which I really appreciate. I have seen great results in the short time we have been training together and notice a huge difference in my posture and the way I carry myself.  I know my journey in the gym has only just begun but I know I wouldn't have seen the results I'm seeing if it wasn't for Mikey. 

Miguel Candelario - 2018

Mikey is an incredible trainer, we started when I was completely unfit and he really changed my attitude to exercise. I looked forward to every training session with him because he strikes the perfect balance between pushing you to be your best whilst making you feel great about it. I would recommend him to anyone!

Jessica Trollip - 2020

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